Stord new product intelligent sound and light control carbon monoxide detector/co detector/co alarm

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Thank you for using the company's intelligent voice sound and light alarm, and this product as part of your home safety program! In order to ensure the safety of your family and your family, be sure to read the instructions carefully before using this product!

Product introduction

This product is a type of intelligent light language carbon monoxide alarm, the microprocessor control, built-in voice Chip, LED digital tube display carbon monoxide concentration. When the detector detects the concentration of carbon monoxide exceed the standard time,The voice prompt alarm and then alarm sound. The alarm can also according to need Sends a wireless signal to the wireless alarm control host, wireless networking function. Application of advanced sensor the electrochemical technology, using imported low power chip, high sensitivity and accuracy, not omission, not false positives ect. Widely used in household, smelting, chemical, oil, gas, municipal, mining, tunnel construction, fire protection, warehousing and other need to detect carbon monoxide toxic gas fields and places.


First, the functional characteristics and technical parameters:

(a) functional characteristics:

1 .real voice prompts, Chinese and English language switch

2. electrochemical sensing technology, high sensitivity and high precision detection.

3 .digital display of the concentration of toxic gases, acoustical-optic alarm alarm.

4 .using micro power chip control technology, power saving and durable.

5 .small size, exquisite industrial design.

(b) technical parameters

1. working voltage: 1.5V*3=4.5V (3 Section 7 battery)

2. static current: 20uA

3.working humidity: relative humidity 15%-90%

4. digital tube display without voice sound and light alarm concentration value: 100PPM-199PPM (+ 50PPM)

5. digital tube display and continuous voice sound and light alarm concentration values: 200PPM and above (+ 50PPM)

6. wireless transmission frequency: 315MHZ/433MHz

7. wireless transmission distance: 300 meters (open)


Two, product appearance

1, the appearance of the figure



Three, operation instructions

1, for the first time

The product is installed on the 7 section of the 3 battery, the screen LED digital tube immediately rolling turns to display 888PPM, power Indicator light icon (solar symbol) and electric quantity display icon (battery symbol), and cycle display two times, at the same time voice prompts "welcome you to use voice type carbon monoxide alarm". Under normal working condition, the power indicator light flashes once every 30 seconds.

2, simulation test function is normal

Press the test button, LED display 000PPM, alarm issued 80 dB sound and light alarm, and then alarm the indicator light flashes, and the voice prompts "alarm function test is normal", indicating that the alarm is in the normal working state.

3, how to learn the code with the wireless host

Alarm power after, the first host into the operation of the code learning state, again by pressing the button test of an alarm, sending a wireless signal, the host receives the signal prompts for code learning success, success of the code.

4, concentration display range

The concentration range of carbon monoxide toxic gas detected by this alarm is 000PPM~999PPM. When the concentration of toxic gases is low at 100PPM, digital tube screen lights out.When the alarm is detected between the carbon monoxide concentration in 100PPM199PPM, voice prompts"Please note that the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds the standard, please keep the ventilation". When the detection concentration is higher than 200PPM, the voice prompts, please note that the carbon monoxide concentration seriously exceeded, and issued sound and light alarm, while the need for Send a wireless signal to the host. At this time should be in time to open the doors and windows, and to maintain ventilation, so that the indoor air circulation.

5, language switching

This product is built in two languages in English, the factory and the default is chinese. Switching

method: power alarm, press the test button and re energized, "en" until the digital tube display and voice prompt "welcome to use the voice of carbon monoxide detector" that has made the switch to English.

6, low electric reminder

Electricity is lower than 3.2V, alarm concentration is higher than 100PPM, digital tube display battery icon often bright, for taking into account the safety of you and your family, the alarm will still voice prompts alarm and sound and light alarm. The same power is lower than 3.2V, the alarm concentration is lower than 100PPM, the screen digital tube will display L, the battery icon flashing, and voice prompts "battery power is too low, please replace the battery".


Four, installation matters

First, the installation location of the selected alarm.

Then, the base with the attachment of the screw is fixed on the wall or ceiling, and then install batteries,And then the alarm is installed on the base seat.

1, suitable for installation location:

Put the alarm in the bedroom and living area nearby or you think carbon monoxide is likely to fill the ground Fang, it is recommended to be installed in each layer of multi-storey buildings, to choose a location to ensure that in every sleep You can hear the alarm. Recommended installation location:



2, should not be installed location:

Do not install in dusty, dirty or greasy place, like the kitchen, garage. Oil and dust

Or household chemicals can pollute or the ripple of the inductive head alarm, the alarm can not work normally. In the kitchen Room, boiler room and some appliances will produce high concentrations of carbon dioxide on the short, this is normal. If you put The alarm is mounted too close to the ignition device, and it may give an audible and visual alarm.Don't vent blocking alarm. The alarm is not blocked by curtains, furniture or other objects.And where the air is circulating. The top as an arched ceiling or pointed roofs, where carbon monoxide and not To send an early warning to the sensor head.Don't pull the fan installed in the ceiling from the strong winds, near to 

the outdoors do not install in doors and windows,Fresh air vents or any other well ventilated place.


Seven, matters needing attention

1.this product needs to be maintained regularly, once a month to remove the dust on the surface of the detector, to maintain the smooth flow of air into the air, every six months, please test a professional, found that failure must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

2.avoid spraying air cleaner, hair spray, paint or other aerosol near the detector. not use detergent or solvent wipe detector, chemical substances may be permanently damaged or short

4.alarm is a security instrument, there are sound, light display function, should be installed in the staff to see and easy to listen

To place in order to eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner.

5.alarm around cannot have a strong magnetic field has influence on the work of the instrument (such as a large power motor, transformer).

6.this product can reduce the occurrence of accidents, but can not ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. For your safety, in addition to

In the daily work and life, we should also be vigilant and strengthen security awareness.